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Wednesday, 5th December 2012 Athenaeum InterContinental,


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Registration and refreshments


Introduction from the Chair

Stephen Timewell, Editor Emeritus, The Banker


What is needed to achieve sustainable economic reform in Greece?

  • Evaluating the pace and extent of structural and fiscal reform in Greece to date T
  • hinking outside the box on to find solutions to the Greek economic challenges - what are the options?
  • Looking ahead - what needs to change?

George Zanias, Chairman, National Bank of Greece & President, Hellenic Bank Association


Forecasting the future for Greece in Europe

  • Greece in the context of wider European economic challenges
  • Maintaining the patch of economic and fiscal reforms
  • Assessing progress towards the creation of a Eurozone banking supervisor-what will this mean in practice?
  • Recapitalising the banks - who gains and who pays?

Professor Gikas Hardouvelis, Group Chief Economist, Head of Economic Research & Forecasting Division, Eurobank


Delivering economic adjustment in Greece - progress and challenges

  • Assessing the progress in meeting the requirements of the latest Economist Adjustment Programme
  • Delivering fiscal and structural reforms
  • Key factors impacting on progress
  • Next steps for all parties

Gabriele Giudice, Head of Unit, ECFIN.G3, Greece, European Commission


Morning coffee

Session 2: Getting Greek Banks back to business

Recapitalising the banks to streamline the Greek financial sector

  • Outlining the state of Greek banking
  • Moving away from dependency on the ECB
  • The challenge of raising capital to meet stability fund requirements
  • The road ahead

Panayotis Thomopoulos, President, Hellenic Financial Stability Fund


Next steps in restructuring the Greek banking sector: how much consolidation is needed?

  • What role will consolidation play in restoring financial stability in the banks?
  • Reviewing recent M&A activity - what role is the state playing in driving this agenda forward?
  • How is the good bank/bad bank strategy working in practice? What is the extent of the NPL issue?
  • Will a smaller banking sector lead to a stronger banking sector?
  • Regulating to stabilise the banking sector - what are the priorities?

Artemis Ch. Theodoridis, General Manager, Wholesale Banking, Alpha Bank


What can Greece learn from the experiences of Argentina?

Guillermo Nielsen, Former Secretary of Finance, Argentina & Argentina's 2005 Debt restructuring negotiator, negotiator with the IMF


The role of an independent Credit Rating Agency in Greece. Establishing transparency for banks, firms and Individuals

Panos Michalopoulos, Managing Partner, Hellastat


Perspectives: Improving governance and transparency in Greek banking to enhance competitiveness and stimulate growth

  • Analysing the questions around transparency and supervision in Greek banking - what implications are they having on the recovery of the sector?
  • To what extent are links between politics and banking in Greece hindering confidence in the sector?
  • Responding to calls for increased due diligence and audits from the EU Commission - what needs to change?
  • The importance of risk governance for the enhancement of shareholder value, the strengthening of bank's decision making process especially in loan origination and consequently the stimulation of economic growth

Michael P. Haralabidis, Chief Risk Officer, Hellenic Financial Stability Fund

Charles Hatami, Head of Client Strategy for EMEA, BlackRock Financial Markets Advisory

Ilias Lekkos, Director, Economic Analysis & Markets Division, Piraeus Bank

Christos Gortsos, Secretary General, Hellenic Bank Association

Dr Nikolaos Georgikopoulos, Visiting Research Professor at New York University - Stern Business School

Dr. Michael G. Bakouris, Chief Operating Officer, PROFILE

Moderated by: Dimitris Koutsopoulos, Consulting Managing Partner, Deloitte


Networking Lunch

Session 3: The role of the banks in kickstarting the Greek economy

Government Keynote Address: Next Steps - restarting growth and competitiveness in the Greek economy

  • Setting out the plans for driving growth in the Greek economy
  • Working with the banks to get credit moving
  • Key sectors targeted for growth- what incentives are available
  • Opportunities for SMEs

Notis A. Mitarachi, Deputy Minister, Ministry for Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport & Networks


Outlining the priorities to drive economic growth and employment in Greece

  • Restoring confidence following important adjustments
  • Harnessing the state into a partner for growth
  • Translating efforts into concrete results by making markets work better
  • Combining flexibility with fairness

Professor Georges Siotis, Senior Economic Advisor, European Commission's Task force for Greece


Financing SME activity in the new Greek economy

  • Reviewing the demand for finance from SMEs
  • Analysing the risk profile of the sector
  • The role of the European Investment Bank in supporting SMEs in Greece
  • Risks and rewards for Greek banks investing in this sector

Evangelos Kavvalos, General Manager Small Business Banking, Member of Executive Committee, EUROBANK


Afternoon refreshments

Session 4: The future of Greek banking

Strategies to raising capital - challenges, prospects and potential

  • Divesting and investing to boost balance sheets and liquidity
  • How are banks working to win back depositors?
  • Raising private capital - what are the options and opportunities?

Alexandros Manos, Managing Director, Piraeus Bank


Perspectives: Greece in or out of the Eurozone and the implications for the banking sector

  • Is a Greek exit from the Euro likely in 2013?
  • Can the status quo continue for Greek banks?
  • Pros and cons of a Greek exit from the Euro
  • What are the possible implications for the key Greek banks?

Megan Greene, Director of European Economics, Roubini Global Economics


Discussion: Greek banking and the future of the economy

  • What should the Greek banking system look like in 2013 and beyond?
  • Facing the challenges - maintaining liquidity and capital adequacy. Is it time to change to business model to fit the new economic environment?
  • Working with Government to get credit moving
  • Where can future banking growth come from and when?
  • Regulating the banking system in the future - what do the banks want?

Professor Panagiotis Korliras, Chairman & Scientific Director, Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE)

Eleni Vrettou, Head of Global Banking for Greece, HSBC

Michael E. Masourakis, Chief Economist Economic Research, Alpha Bank

Labros Tsolkas, Partner, Accenture

Constantin Synadino, Head of Lending Operations in Greece, South East Europe Department, European Investment Bank

Moderated by: Stephen Timewell, Editor Emeritus, The Banker


Close of conference

Please note that this is a draft agenda. The timing and content of sessions may change as speakers and topics are finalised.


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